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Australian Robo-Advisers

Adviser Ratings takes a look at robo-advisers. We will be test driving as many robo-advisers over the coming months. Have you launched or are you launching a robo-adviser and would like to profiled in this list, then please email us at



Australia's most well recognised and rewarded robo-adviser

Launched May 2014

Australia's first mover into robo-advice with a well credentialed team



Utilising 15+ years worth of data to take the lead in the robo wars

Launched July 2015

Getting a headstart on the pack with its existing customer base



The well-funded and high profile hybrid robo adviser

Launched June 2015

The team at Yellow Brick Road with its fixed fee hybrid solution


Quiet Growth

Australia's lowest fee robo-adviser with a slick interface

Launched August 2015

A strong team behind the lowest priced independent robo-adviser



NABs initial foray into the robo-advice space targeted at NABs 3m clients

Launched September 2015

NAB's free automated investing tool could be signs of bigger things


Ignition Wealth

Backed and run by long-time financial planning experts

Launched November 2015

A robo-adviser that can also be white-labelled for advisers



Australia's newest and boldest foray into the Robo-Advice space

Launched February 2016

The newest kid on the block offers Australia's first retail solution