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For consumers

Please find a list of our most common asked questions. If you have any questions about the operations of this website, any content issues or adviser concerns, then please contact us on the "Ask A Question" link 


How can a financial adviser help me?

Financial advisers can create an overall financial plan, called a statement of advice that helps you reach your goals (be that an early retirement, saving for your kid’s education or reaching that magical financial milestone). Alternatively, they can offer one off advice in areas such as share and property investments, annuities, aged care options, centrelink benefits and insurance (to name a few).

For more information, refer to the Consumer Advice section of the website - we'll continue to add to this over time.

How is the Adviser Rating score calculated?

We created the adviser rating score to help consumers navigate the minefield of advisers and variability around the quality of advice dispensed. This should be considered in conjunction with customer reviews. Advisers answer particular questions around their memberships they hold, qualifications they hold, experience in the industry and compliance checks in place. We then apply a weighting to each of these segments to come up with an overall rating (see the Rating System for more information).

How is the Customer Rating percentage calculated?

Customers answer particular questions on their own advisers or advisers from whom they have recently sought advice. The answers to these questions are weighted to give an overall customer rating. These ratings are then grouped to come up with a percentage (See the Detailed Rating System for more information).

My adviser is not on the website, can I rate them?

Yes, you can still rate your adviser. There is a section that allows you to manually enter your adviser into the website. We will then notify the adviser they have been rated.

My rating has not been included on the website, why not?

This could be for several reasons - 

1) You have NOT confirmed your rating. Please ensure once you have submitted your rating that you also confirm through the link in the email we send to you. This is to prevent people rating from invalid email addresses.

2) You submitted a review less than 60%. Any reviews less than 60% are quarantined for a few days to determine their validity.

3) We have other checks in place that help us moderate reviews. We may have deemed your comment or rating to be either a false review or deliberately misleading. We also remove reviews that are considered inappropriate or unnecessarily disparaging. Should you wish to dispute the removal or non-posting of a review, you can contact us at

We also apply technology and manual oversight to manage online reviews and the ratings platform in line with guidance from ACCC.

Can I easily compare advisers?

Yes. We have a compare service that allows you to line up to 3 advisers side by side and compare based on their qualifications, compliance, experience, quality of advice and customer satisfaction.

Who owns Adviser Ratings?

Adviser Ratings is owned outright by its co-founders, Angus Woods and Christopher Zinn.

How do you create the personal report on the Home Page?

We use the Census Data of 2011 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011. Refer ABS Census Data.

Where appropriate, we provide growth figures (such as population growth rates) uniformly to the postcodes. We do not warrant to the accuracy of the personal data report. It should just be used for informational purposes only.

Where applicable the average weekly rental amount is sourced from data over the last 6 months in that suburb. The average monthly mortgage payment assumes 80% mortgage on properties sold in last six months.

The general information provided on the advice areas have been provided by a wide variety of financial advisers. Adviser Ratings does not warrant to the appropriateness of their advice.