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Neil Evans

Top answer provided by:Neil Evans

Cash Flow Tips For Beginners In Small Business

I've been running a small business for a year now but I have trouble keeping a record of my cash flow. Are there any easy cash flow tips for beginners like me?

Why Kochie recommends you should go for a health cover check now

Why Kochie recommends you should go for a health cover check...

One of the best aspects of working in small business is being your own boss and being in control of what happens when. That’s the idea, right?

Starting Your Own Advice Business

Starting Your Own Advice Business

Andrew Akuoko started his own financial advice business in 2016. He talks about the challenges he continues to face by fulfilling a long held desire to work for...

Thomas O'Shea

Top answer provided by:Thomas O'Shea

Ask an Adviser - Will I Be Eligible For Small Business...

I want to sell my business. It has a turnover of $4 million. I expect a net gain from the sale of $1.8M. Will I be eligible for the small business CGT concessions?

Small Business First and Adviser Ratings

Small Business First and Adviser Ratings

Adviser Ratings and Small Business First enter exclusive financial advice referral deal for 500,000 small businesses

Paul Giordano

Top answer provided by:Paul Giordano

Ask an Adviser - Work From Home Business Expense Claims

I am now self-employed and work from home 2 days a week-what can I claim through my business with regards to the home office?

Skillsets of Australia's Financial Advisers

Skillsets of Australia's Financial Advisers

Financial advisers often cover the essentials such as Superannuation and Insurance...but it’s the diversity in revenue streams (such as home loans) and catering to the...

Wayne Leggett

Top answer provided by:Wayne Leggett

Ask an Adviser - Do Credit Cards Affect My Ability To...

I have 3 credit cards. I am worried they will affect my ability to borrow for a home next year.. is this correct? And if so, what can I do about it? 

Steve Greatrex

Top answer provided by:Steve Greatrex

Ask an Adviser - Self Employment and Superannuation

As someone who is newly self-employed through my own (new) company, what do I need to be aware of, when choosing a superannuation fund to begin contributions to?

Joshua Stega

Top answer provided by:Joshua Stega

Ask an Adviser - Business Tax and Wage Strategy

Natalie from Sydney and the founder of online marketplace of babies and children’s clothes and toys for mothers or soon to be mothers looking,, posed...

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