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Rolando Chou

Top answer provided by:Rolando Chou

Ask an Adviser - Wills and Estate Planning

People talk about 'estate planning', can't this just be doing a Will from the post office?

Charles Badenach

Top answer provided by:Charles Badenach

Ask an Adviser - Succession Planning For The Farm

My wife and I are getting close to retirement age and need to sort out the succession planning around our farm for our three children...

Andrew McPherson

Top answer provided by:Andrew McPherson

Ask an Adviser - I Want to Gift $50k to My Son, What Tax and...

I'd like to help out my son and his family as I have some money available and accessible in my super - is a cash gift the best way to go for an amount of around $50K? I'm...

Matthew Bazzica

Top answer provided by:Matthew Bazzica

Ask an Adviser - Downsizing From The Family Home

I'm a retiree looking to downsize and sell the family home. How can I best leverage the sale of my house to help my 3 children?

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