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Are Australians Prepared for Retirement?

Are Australians Prepared for Retirement?

The much quoted figure, if you want to believe it, is that you need a million dollars or more to draw on once you have retired, but the amount a person “needs” to retire...

Helga Baxter

Top answer provided by:Helga Baxter

Ask an Adviser - Binding and Non Binding Super...

In nominating my super beneficiaries, what is a 'binding' vs 'non-binding' nomination and why do some expire after 3 years and some do not? What about Tax...

Luke Mase

Top answer provided by:Luke Mase

Ask an Adviser - Is Setting Up a Family Trust Required to...

Our elderly mother has a substantial amount of money in her bank account and she would like to gift it to her children. We have been told that she is not able to do this...

Rolando Chou

Top answer provided by:Rolando Chou

Ask an Adviser - Wills and Estate Planning

People talk about 'estate planning', can't this just be doing a Will from the post office?

Charles Badenach

Top answer provided by:Charles Badenach

Ask an Adviser - Succession Planning For The Farm

My wife and I are getting close to retirement age and need to sort out the succession planning around our farm for our three children...

Andrew Mcpherson

Top answer provided by:Andrew Mcpherson

Ask an Adviser - I Want to Gift $50k to My Son, What Tax and...

I'd like to help out my son and his family as I have some money available and accessible in my super - is a cash gift the best way to go for an amount of around $50K? I'm...

Matthew Bazzica

Top answer provided by:Matthew Bazzica

Ask an Adviser - Downsizing From The Family Home

I'm a retiree looking to downsize and sell the family home. How can I best leverage the sale of my house to help my 3 children?

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