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Neil Evans

Top answer provided by:Neil Evans

Ask an Adviser - Cash Flow Tips For Beginners In Small...

I've been running a small business for a year now but I have trouble keeping a record of my cash flow. Are there any easy cash flow tips for beginners like me?

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

As we come out to enjoy the warmer months, Andrew Akuoko reminds us perhaps it’s also time to look at ways we can get our money matters in order!

Shane Light

Top answer provided by:Shane Light

Ask an Adviser - Tax Implications of Gifted Money

I am currently studying in university and my mother gave me two large sums of payments for purchasing electronics and monthly utility fee payments which goes over the tax...

David Nelson

Top answer provided by:David Nelson

Ask an Adviser - Care Allowance and Interim Retirement

My father is in Interim Retirement home on his last legs! He has $35,000 in a Term Investment. If he has less than $46,000 in his savings acct. (which he has) he no...

Ursula Boorman

Top answer provided by:Ursula Boorman

Ask an Adviser - Aged Care and Asset Splitting

We are about to place my 95 year old mother into a home. Her home is worth over $2m due to location. There are 4 siblings. Can we transfer the house into our names or...

Getting Your Finances In Order - Tips For Those In Their 30's

Getting Your Finances In Order - Tips For Those In Their...

It’s never too early to start thinking and acting in ways that can help set up your financial future. Here are some some simple things that people in their 30’s can do to...

Renting vs Home Ownership. Which Makes Best Financial Sense?

Renting vs Home Ownership. Which Makes Best Financial...

Recent years have seen housing prices in our major cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, reach levels which have put the dream of home ownership beyond many...

Is Superannuation Biased Against Women?

Is Superannuation Biased Against Women?

A recent report prepared by Per Capita in conjunction with the Australian Services Union (ASU), lead to headlines about how our superannuation system is selling women...

Scott Malcolm

Top answer provided by:Scott Malcolm

Financial Advice After Being Medically Retired

I'm a 40 year old single female (one 16 year old child) who has just been medically retired and have an ongoing compensable claim through Comcare. My mortgage is now...

Who Should You Listen To For Financial Advice?

Who Should You Listen To For Financial Advice?

These days, the world is awash with self help. If you have a problem, there is almost certainly someone who not only has an answer for you - but in many cases has a book...

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